CDI Announces Print and Web Release of "A Better World for All"

Summer 2000
CDI is proud to announce the print and web release of "A Better World for All" in English, French, and Spanish. This publication is an unprecedented joint effort of the United Nations, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development to examine the progress towards the goals of international development.

CDI worked closely with the report's authors in developing the message, content, and presentation of this report. We helped draft and edit the material for consistency, accuracy, and ease of understanding. And with the help of our design partners at Grundy and Northedge, we designed the cover, layout, and progress charts, which worked together to provide clear visuals of how much the global community has achieved since 1990—and how far it still needs to travel—to achieve their goals in reducing poverty, improving educational enrolment rates, increasing gender equality, reducing infant and child mortality, reducing maternal mortality, improving reproductive health, and protecting the environment.

The report is supported by a CDI-designed Web site, which makes the content instantly and continually accessible throughout the world, and by posters for classrooms to spark discussions.

This project is just one example of the breadth of skills and talents of CDI.

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