CDI enters into a strategic alliance with FPMI Communications

Winter 2001
Communications Development Incorporated entered into a strategic alliance on January 18, 2001 with FPMI Communications, part of the Provant Group—an industry-leading training company with more than $200 million in revenue. FPMI will promote ClearWriterTM, a Web-based system of writing tools and training supported by a suite of services, to federal agencies as a tool to immediately improve writing speed, quality, and consistency at a cost effective price. As part of the Provant solution, FPMI assists federal agencies with all their human resources, equal employment opportunity, and management needs.

Communication Development's ClearWriter system shows writers how to structure their thoughts, express their ideas, and refine their presentations. It reduces the time writers spend writing and the time audiences spend reading—increasing comprehension and retention. ClearWriter's 25 course modules train professionals to write clearly and concisely—from plan to draft to final edit—for maximum impact. ClearWriter's tools are powerful—they offer writing tips and answers to common writing questions. They help writers plan drafts with document models that match their purpose. Soon a new tool will edit documents and produce marked-up versions for review. ClearWriter also offers customization and live support services to meet the specific needs of clients while they learn. Visit for more information.

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