CDI announces publication of Engendering Development

Winter 2001
CDI is proud to announce the publication of Engendering Development Through Gender Equality in Rights, Resources, and Voice, a Policy Research Report of the World Bank Group.

CDI editors worked closely with the report's authors over the full project cycle—from planning the report to refining the message to final editing. Our design partners at Grundy and Northedge designed the logo for the report cover.

The report examines the links among gender inequality, public policy, and development, recommending a three-part strategy to redress discrimination and its harmful effects on well-being and development. The report's findings have a number of important implications for the ways government policymakers and donor institutions think about development policy.

Among the key findings: societies that discriminate on the basis of gender pay a significant price—in more poverty, slower economic growth, weaker governance, and a lower quality of life. Accounting for gender differences and disparities in policy and program design can enhance the effectiveness of government interventions, both from efficiency and equity perspectives.

To promote gender equality, a long-term strategy should focus on reforming institutions—to establish equal rights and opportunities for women and men—and fostering economic development—to provide stronger incentives for more equal resources and participation. The report also highlights the role of active policy measures to promote greater equality in command of resources and political voice in the short- to medium-terms.

The report is now available at the World Bank InfoShop as well as through retail and Web-based booksellers. For more information on the report, including how to order, visit

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